What I learned doing 3 talks in 3 days

Two weeks ago, I got to pretend I was a band going on tour. My setlist only included two tracks — “The Power of Visual Storytelling” (design talk) and “The Recipe for Meaningful Work” (company culture talk)––as I spoke at three conferences … Continued

ICYMI 9/19

Why everyone is replaceable, what Entrepreneur said about Lemonly last year, and how you can help make Season 2 of “Answers to Questions” even better. In case you missed it…

Everyone is replaceable.

Sounds pretty harsh, doesn’t it? Especially since most of my writing and speaking center around how we take care of employees at Lemonly, how important it is to build work culture, how other employers should also adopt a “people first” … Continued

ICYMI Monday (8/29)

Is it seriously almost September?! In case you missed it, Lemonly turned five, we wrapped up Season 1 of “Answers to Questions,” and I wrote about maternity/paternity leave and its importance in company culture. See what you missed here and … Continued